Data Sciences

Analytics and Data Sciences

The Analytics and Data Sciences team is responsible for research, development and implementation of state-of-the art predictive analytics solutions that address consumer needs across the life cycle of their interactions with our clients . We are developing the science of intuitive consumer experience. We build cutting edge solutions in the applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, natural language processing and text mining to customer interactions. This group is responsible for several patent pending solutions in the domain of customer care and customer life-cycle management. Most team members in the analytics organization have advanced degrees (Masters and PhDs) from top-notch educational institutions in North America, Europe and India. Several members have publications in leading technical journals in related areas.

If you are passionate about applications of mathematics, statistics and computer science in solving real world problems in customer lifecycle management, this is the place for you. The environment fosters creativity primarily because the problem we are trying to solve is not pre-defined, it is open-ended – Can you redefine customer service and customer experience using our prediction driven approach.