Company Overview

Customer Engagement for Today’s Connected Customer

[24]7 delivers customer engagement software and services that make it simple for customers to interact with companies through the web, mobile, chat, social, and phone.

[24]7 has been revolutionizing customer service and sales for over a decade. In 2000, the company was a pioneer in the contact center business and this experience provided invaluable perspectives about consumers and how they interact with companies. [24]7 is headquartered in Campbell, California, with R&D centers in California and Bangalore, India and sales offices in the US, UK and Australia. The company has contact centers in India, the Philippines, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Customers are in Control. Companies Need to Catch Up

The way connected customers engage with each other has dramatically changed. But companies are still offering customer service and sales in yesterday’s paradigm. At [24]7, we are changing all that. We have customer engagement solutions that help companies serve customers on their terms.

Bridging the Engagement Gap Between Customers and Companies

The customer’s world is mobile-centric and channel-agnostic. They engage with each other through the device and channel that is convenient at the moment. They interact in stops and starts with short interactions that must be strung together into a complete conversation. Customers interact as if there is “one digital channel.” And they expect to interact with companies in the same way.

At [24]7, we bridge the engagement gap between customers and companies. [24]7 delivers solutions that make companies channel-agnostic from the customer’s perspective. Solutions for mobile, speech, chat and other channels are integrated so context is maintained. We call this an omnichannel experience. We add sophisticated predictive analytics so we can anticipate what customers want. We make the customer experience easy, and even enjoyable.

We believe that data and design are critical to create outstanding customer experiences. No other company has a data sciences team and design studio working together to develop solutions.

Our philosophy is to hold ourselves accountable for our clients’ results. As a cloud-based solution we have to earn our keep every day. When our clients are successful, so are we.