Engage Your Customers Where They Are

[24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger integrates [24]7's Virtual Agent and Chat within Facebook Messenger to bring a unique, easy and consistent service experience to customers in the channel they prefer.

What Makes Messaging for Facebook Messenger Different

800M consumers are active users of Messenger. Engage your customers who use Messenger where they are as part of your omnichannel efforts.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Your customers are on the world's largest messaging platform. Why aren't you? Connect with your customers in their channel of choice to know them better and provide delightful engagement.

Integrated with Web Journeys

Be part of your customers' sales and service journeys. Allow customers to easily opt in to connect Messenger at various key points in their web journey, such as on the support page or at checkout.

Proactive Notifications within Messenger

Send customers proactive, personalized and relevant updates within Messenger. Rich templates and layouts ensure an on-brand experience for your customers.

Virtual Agent

Automate the process of delivering accurate answers to customer questions with the [24]7 Virtual Agent. You can respond to common queries in a conversational way with the virtual agent, powered by advanced Natural Language technology from [24]7.


Use live chat with [24]7's smart chat platform. Live chat agents can see prior context from the virtual agent and other events within the thread, so conversations can be more efficient and personalized. Chat interactions are available after the chat for advanced text mining to deliver insights and voice-of-customer analytics.

Benefits of Messaging for Facebook Messenger

Reduce Costs

Reduce contacts from other channels (chat or voice) and eliminate up to 40% of post-order inquiries.

Improve Customer Experience for Better Brand Loyalty

Drive a 3% to 8% lift in customer satisfaction (CSAT) and lower Average Handle Time (AHT) by 2 to 3 minutes with shorter, more effective conversations.