Bringing a Mobile Experience to IVR

Extend your inbound and outbound IVR to a mobile web experience. Vivid Speech, a module of [24]7 Speech, delivers a multi-modal IVR experience by incorporating speech, touch, and visual display to provide a single differentiated digital experience.

What Makes Vivid Speech a Connected IVR Experience

What Makes Vivid Speech a Connected IVR Experience

IVR Extends to a Mobile Web Experience

Transform your existing IVR to a next-generation, interactive response system by giving your customers a mobile web experience – without requiring them to download a mobile application.

Tasks are Made Fast and Easy

Engage with customers at a deeper level through a flexible multi-modal interface that pushes rich content to the caller’s connected device, making complex task resolution fast and easy. Empower your customers to control their journey, increasing self-service automation.

Results with Prediction

Drive business results with prediction and real-time decisioning, making customer interactions predictive and personalized. Know why a customer is contacting you and when and how to engage with them to expedite resolution.