Self-Service That Today’s Customers Demand

[24]7 Virtual Agent is the next generation self-service solution that delivers accurate answers to customer questions - providing world-class digital experiences at the crucial first point of contact with customers.

What can [24]7 Virtual Agent do for you?

What can [24]7 Virtual Agent do for you?

Take Customer Satisfaction to New Heights

Make it easy and enjoyable for customers to enter a question and receive an instant answer. Each question is matched to the one right answer, regardless of how the question was phrased. In addition, links to other contextually relevant information are provided.

Reduce Support Costs in Every Channel

Reduce contact center call volumes and make contact center agents available to handle more complex queries. [24]7 Virtual Agents can be deployed on your website, social media site, mobile platform, in contact center environments or even web enabled kiosks – wherever customers go for self-service answers.

Gain Valuable Insight into Voice-of-the-Customer Data

Capture every question customers ask, in their own natural language. Gain insight by drilling down into customer questions, automatically structured into intelligently-organized themes.

Create Profitable New Revenue Streams through Relevant Offers

Deliver accurate answers to self-service questions and make highly relevant offers that lead consumers down the purchase path.

Ultimately, the return on investment is keeping people in the web channel and not having them bail out to customer service which is a more expensive channel"

VP Customer Experience

Large American Health Insurance Provider

Where to Use [24]7 Virtual Agent

Web Self-Service

Using [24]7 Virtual Agent on your website allows you to predict your customers' true intent and determine who to engage, when to engage, and what to recommend - in real time.

Mobile Self-Service

Insert our virtual agent into your mobile self-service experience and provide customers with instant answers to their burning questions – either by accessing your website or mobile apps from their smartphone or tablet.

Social Media Self-Service

Seamlessly integrate [24]7 Virtual Agent into Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, or communities. Learn more about [24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger.

Agent Desktop

Deploying the [24]7 Virtual Agent on CSR desktops is a proven way to increase first call resolution (FCR) and enhance agent efficiency and accuracy.

Omnichannel Pairings with Virtual Agent

Virtual Agent to Chat

Drive seamless digital engagement by integrating intelligent virtual agents and rich predictive chat.

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