Leading Credit Card Issuer

Leading Credit Card Issuer

Transforms Interactive Voice Response Calls with [24]7 Vivid Speech

[24]7 Vivid Speech, deployed in less than 12 weeks, transformed IVR calls into actionable multi-modal experiences that yielded 85% acceptance rate and 92% success rate. 90% of end users rated the experience 4 or 5 out of 5 stars. Together, these generate $12M in annual savings through fraud loss prevention and operational savings.

Looking to increase self-service rates for complex journeys, capitalize on the adoption of smartphones, and add next generation capabilities to its IVR, the company selected [24]7 Vivid Speech.

[24]7 Vivid Speech provides an entry point to mobile customer service for existing IVR deployments by extending an IVR’s speech-only experience to a multi-modal customer experience, enabling input by touch, type, or speech – without requiring the customer to download a mobile application.

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