[24]7 Predictive Experience Platform

[24]7 Predictive Experience Platform 


Bringing the Power of Prediction to Customer Engagement

The [24]7 Predictive Experience Platform is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that powers each of our products and creates a predictive omnichannel experience in customer service and sales.

[24]7 Predictive Experience Platform

A cloud-based customer engagement platform that combines big data with predictive analytics, real-time decisioning, and machine learning.

The coming together of these elements in a single platform makes self-service and agent-assisted service in and across web, mobile, chat, social, and phone channels predictive and more intuitive.

Enable Predictive Omnichannel Experiences Across Channels, Devices, Locations, and Time

Anticipate customers’ intent in real-time and engage them when, where, and how they want while keeping context persistent across the customer journey.

Engineer Outcomes Across the Customer Journey

Design of Experiments (DoE) is used in conjunction with predictive analytics, real-time decisioning, and big data. This enables companies to engineer outcomes across a customer journey to help drive sales, service resolution, loyalty, and advocacy.

Learning at Massive Scale Makes Customer Experiences Intuitive and Agents More Effective

Machine learning, fueled by big data, enables enterprises to learn significantly more about their customers. This improves accuracy in predicting customer intent and helps make the customer experience more intuitive and agents more effective – which together impact the strategic and operational metrics that matter most.


Patrick Nguyen, CTO, talks about the [24]7 Predictive Experience Platform.