[24]7 Assist

Smart Chat Makes It Simple

[24]7 Assist uses prediction and real-time decisioning to enhance agent-assisted service and sales interactions for web and mobile chat, voice, or social media. See significant lift in the business metrics that matter, such as incremental sales and customer experience scores.

[24]7 Assist delivers intelligent agent assistance through web, mobile, social, and voice interactions

Assist for Web: Smart chat for online visitors on desktop browsers (PC/Mac). Predicts visitor intent, deciding whom to invite, when to intervene, how to engage, and what to recommend to drive rich chat experiences.

Assist for Mobile: Chat optimized for mobile browsers as well as native apps (iOS and Android).

Assist for IVR: Intelligently serve IVR callers with mobile chat.

Assist for Voice: Agent-pushed, rich interactive mobile/tablet experience to supplement voice calls.

Assist for Social: Seamlessly integrate predictive chat into Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, or communities.


Why [24]7 Assist?

  • Systematically grows chat channel revenue and volumes by driving customer preference for chat
  • Drives higher incremental sales with up to 3X higher conversion rates online 
  • Delivers 15% higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS) and first contact resolution (FCR) compared with legacy chat platforms
  • One-to-one measurement of qualified IVR callers deflected to mobile chat
  • Enhances the voice caller experience, reduces customer effort, and drives faster resolution
  • Leverages analytics and optimized contact center software to make agents more effective


Prediction and Real-Time Decisioning with Big Data

Predicts customer’s intent in-the-moment, leveraging customer data across channels to determine who to target, when and how to engage them, and what to recommend.


Intuitive Experiences

Delivers rich, personalized chat experiences that are relevant to the customer’s intent and supplements text or voice interactions with rich interactive widgets. Reduces customer effort and improves conversion rates and NPS/CSAT scores.


Smarter Agent Workspaces

Makes agents more effective through redesigned contact center software: optimized workflows, intelligent tools, collaboration and productivity enhanced through closed-loop analytics. 


Managed Outcomes

[24]7 manages the outcomes and delivers the metrics that matter for your business. [24]7 Assist is a managed cloud service with continuous optimization, design-of-experiments, and machine learning to drive step-function improvements in program performance over time.