[24]7 Mobile

More Engaging Mobile Experiences 

[24]7 Mobile is a set of apps and tools that enable companies to enhance their existing mobile solution with predictive, omnichannel experiences. Whether the customer journey involves self-service, assisted service or both, [24]7 Mobile strengthens engagement by adding intelligent mobile apps, visual IVR, and mobile chat.

Creating Predictive, Omnichannel Experiences in Mobile

[24]7 Mobile increases engagement with persistent context and integrated chat and voice.


Make Mobile Self-Service More Effective 

Combining big data with predictive analytics and real-time decisioning helps make complex, information-rich transactions fast, easy, and personalized for customers. Based on journey data, intelligent mobile apps adjust dynamically to the customer’s needs at that moment and help guide them to resolution. 


Transform Experiences on Mobile Devices with Persistent Context and Integrated Chat and Voice

Using the mobile app, customers can pick up and complete a task in self-service that they previously started in another channel (e.g., the web or IVR). When a customer needs to escalate from the mobile app to an agent, they can call or chat (via mobile chat) from within the app knowing that their context will be passed to the agent. With persistent context across touch points, cost savings are amplified through increased self-service rates, lower customer effort, and improved agent efficiency.  


Get More Customers Engaged with Your Mobile App

The mobile channel spans native and mobile web. For many enterprises, mobile usage is relatively low. Appeal to the broad base of your customers using mobile devices, who still call your IVR, by engaging them with a visual mobile web experience that doesn’t require an app download. Build momentum in your mobile channel and use it to promote greater adoption and usage of native apps across your customer base.