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[24]7 Revolutionizing Customer Service Technology One Byte at a Time
Create a culture that fosters innovation. Rethink the standard ways of delivering an experience to consumers. Measure whether your solution is solving the problem.
CIO Magazine - Avis: Driven to Learn
Avis installs a smarter voice-response system that anticipates what the customer will want to do next.
Your Customer. Their Experience. Any Channel
Omnichannel customer service and sales solutions. Powered by predictive analytics and real-time decisioning. More sales, better service and less effort.
The 3 C's of Omnichannel Success
To address the growing omnichannel market, businesses need to create a holistic view of their customers, providing them with a seamless experience
Forrester Report: Business Model and Brand Fuel Customer Experience Innovation
This report examines the intertwined relationships between business model, brand, and customer experience. And it shows how, when fully integrated into innovation efforts, business model and brand enable design teams to build durable, differentiated experiences.
Forrester Report: Meet the Changing Needs of Connected Customers
Your customers are more connected, more empowered, and more distracted than ever. To compete in this volatile world, companies need a new approach to delivering customer experiences. This report details the changing nature of customer behaviors and shows how companies must adapt to survive in an experience-based economy.
Anticipate, Simplify, Learn
A Proactive Framework for Intuitive Customer Care
Engineering Quantum Leaps
Transforming Customer Care through Big Data