Stand Out for Communications Customers with a Differentiated Experience

[24]7’s predictive analytics and real-time decisioning create optimal customer engagements to help communications companies acquire new customers, reduce service costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Acquire New Customers

Identify the right prospects based on intent and propensity to apply, and distinguish them from existing customers. Guide with self-service or assisted-service during every stage of the acquisition process including device/plan selection and bundling recommendations.

Create Differentiated Customer Experience

Deliver differentiated experiences by integrating data from a range of sources to predict customer intent and maintain context across channels. Engage customers at the right time to help them complete sales or service journeys including product/plan preferences, bundling, billing and technical support.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Direct more customers to self-service for routine account management inquiries including plan information, total minutes used, cable packages/bundles and username/password resets.

Improve Outcomes

Enjoy the benefits of combining predicted intent, omnichannel context, and continuous learning. Create higher incremental revenue and better results in CSAT, NPS and FCR.