Personalize Customers’ Shopping Experience and Increase Revenue

[24]7’s predictive analytics and real-time decisioning create optimal customer engagements to help retailers increase conversion rates, reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve customer loyalty.

Increase Conversion Rates

Proactively engage the right customer at the right time by predicting their intent and propensity to buy. Push rich, dynamic content through chat—including product information and media files—to improve shopping experiences, conversions and incremental revenue.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Use prediction to identify customers that are most likely to abandon purchases. Prompt customers, as needed for assistance during order and cart checkout process, to complete their purchases.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Create differentiated experiences by using prediction to help more customers self-serve for account management, order returns, shipping assistance and more. Improve satisfaction further by routing complex inquiries to live agents, with full context maintained.

Improve Outcomes

Enjoy the benefits of combining predicted intent, omnichannel context, and continuous learning. Create higher incremental revenue and better results in CSAT, NPS and FCR.