A Mini-Manifesto for Helping Retailers Thrive

April 8, 2015
Hollis Chin, Vice President of Corporate Marketing

Successful retailers be on alert. Success in the long term is not guaranteed. Will the companies that are popular today continue to thrive?

Shoppers are demanding and more informed than ever before. Shoppers are taking their money where they get the best experiences. That means retailers must engage them well, wherever they are.

Shoppers might start with a recommencustomdation from a friend, do some online research, try out a product in a local store and ask the sales assistant for information. Then they might “chat” with the retailer on their mobile app before making a decision. How can retailers provide the kinds of seamless, cross-channel experiences that will keep customers coming back?

Recently on LinkedIn, [24]7.ai’s Nick Mitchell posted a “mini-manifesto” about this. He shows how retailers—using data they already have—can anticipate what customers want and make things simple for them.

Experiences like that are the secret to gains in revenue and customer satisfaction. And the reason that some retailers will thrive as customer expectations change.

You can read more in Nick’s post

Hollis Chin, Vice President of Corporate Marketing
Hollis Chin, Vice President of Corporate Marketing

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