Who's the Boss?

April 18, 2014
Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Demand Generation & Field Marketing

Who’s the boss? When it comes to shopping, the answer is we are. The consumers. The rapid acceleration of eCommerce (growing 20.1% this year at $1.5 trillion and increasing to $2.4 trillion by 2017 according to eMarketer’s latest forecasts) along with the adoption of mobile devices and time spent online is empowering consumers. Simply put, we as consumers are now dictating and defining our own customer journeys.

In today’s increasingly mobile-centric, channel-agnostic, and continually connected world, consumers don’t think in terms of monolithic, siloed channels (such as only buying at a storefront or shopping only online). We’ll start our journey online at home, head to a store to shop, and immediately check our mobile phones for product features and competitive prices. We may “showroom” and end up making our purchase online.

As we define our journeys, we expect retailers to keep up with us and deliver a holistic experience as we traverse between channels and devices. We want real-time resolution of issues with the least amount of effort. Anything less leads to frustration, dissatisfaction, and lost revenues for the retailer.

How should retailers respond?

Opus Research’s Dan Miller says that businesses should “Think ‘C2B,’ not ‘B2C,’ when designing customer care and support solutions."

Because of this change to a “C2B” model where the customer is in charge, it’s critical that the retailer understands the customers’ journey in order to maintain context and continuity and creat a positive – and successful – customer experience. A recent article Who’s in Charge Here? discusses how technology is transforming customer service and provides five tips that retailers should follow to improve customer service in an omnichannel world. It contains some interesting perspectives gleaned from [24]7.ai’s Christopher Schyma who’s spent many years working in the retail industry.  You can read the article here.

Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Demand Generation & Field Marketing
Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Demand Generation & Field Marketing

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