The Next Generation Ad Engagement Platform

[24]7's Personalization Solution, originally an EngageClick product, is a powerful machine-learning system that combines retargeting and predictive targeting to dynamically deliver smarter ads with 200% better engagement.

The Benefit of [24]7 Personalization

We know that all consumers behave differently and engage with ads differently. Consumers like various types of messages, interactivity, imagery, typography, colors, and sizes. They prefer to engage differently at different times, on different devices, from different locations. [24]7 delivers ads in the most engaging format and channel, based on each consumer’s unique preferences.

Discover Consumer Personas

Understand what customers want. [24]7 Personalization uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies with multiple consumer data attributes to discover patterns of consumer engagement behaviors. The machine-learning classification technology then creates consumer personas which are categories of distinct audiences who engage in similar patterns.

Present Customers Real-Time Personalized Ads

Offer the ads that customers will engage. [24]7 develops ad elements for consumer personas and then uses predictive models to make a real-time selection of ads. Customers are offered the personalized ads and the results are cycled back through our machine-learning models to constantly improve the results.

Build Relationships not Signage

Re-engage with customers to continue the conversation in a more meaningful way. Re-engagement technology uses a retargeting methodology that understands the context and content of the ad shown and the customer’s preferred engagement behaviors to make the next ad more relevant.

Anticipate Your Customers’ Future Needs

Know your customers' intent. [24]7 combines retargeting which is based on understanding past interactions of consumers with predictive targeting which anticipates future needs. The predictive retargeting uses advanced machine-learning models that make better predictions about future intent and drives better results.

Personalize the Message and the Creative Dynamically

Get your customer's attention. [24]7 uses cognitive science to create ads with personalized and dynamic content. We dynamically blend creative content together in interesting new ways that outperform any other dynamic creative treatments.

Don't Just Show – Interact with Your Customers

Make the advertising experience more inviting. Offer different interactivity on all types of mobile, display, and video ads to make personalized marketing a reality.

One Customer, Many Devices

Deliver different ads to the customer’s different digital touch points. [24]7's machine-learning system integrates numerous data points such as IP address, time, location, past behaviors and ad preferences to understand how engagement impacts consumer decisions across various devices and screen sizes. [24]7 Personalization uses proprietary algorithms identify consumer personas across several screens and the resulting engagement.

Where to Use [24]7 Personalization


Use [24]7 Personalization to individually identify the best viewers for your brand and deliver across a full range of connected devices.

Social Media

Get results by delivering ads to the billions of consumers across the world on social media. [24]7 Personalization focuses on reaching the right demographics at the right times with the right ads to make social media advertising a sound investment.


Apply across both the iOS and Android universes for a holistic approach with superior results.


Delivers superior results through precisely targeted keywords that are the most relevant to those ads being displayed.


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