Improve Voice Interactions with Rich Visual Interactivity

[24]7 Active Share is a shared "online canvas" that a caller and agent can view and interact with during a call. With [24]7 Active Share, your phone agents can deliver rich visual experiences to voice callers.

What Makes [24]7 Active Share Different

What Makes [24]7 Active Share Different

Voice Experiences Made Visual

Enable voice agents to interact with a caller through rich visual web apps and collaborative browsing. The voice agent initiates the experience by sending a URL link through SMS or email that customers can view on any connected screen - like a smart phone, desktop or tablet. Callers are able to interact with the web app while speaking with the agent.


Imagine a caller is logged in on the website while calling. [24]7 Active Share lets the agent trigger a collaborative session within the existing browser session. No SMS or email needed.

Interactive, Flexible and Secure

Support different stages of multiple-step, complicated journeys. Customers can submit information themselves, and get help from an agent as they need it.

[24]7 Active Share is secure and treats the caller's privacy with utmost care as every agent-created canvas is linked to a single user and a single call.