Connected IVR Makes Phone Interactions Web-Aware and Digital

[24]7 Speech is our cloud-based speech and multimodal self-service solution. Reinvent your IVR with digital capabilities designed to empower customers to self-serve.

What Makes [24]7 Speech A Connected IVR Experience

Channel Presence and Web Journey Data

Make your IVR web-aware. Use context from your customer’s web journey and detect if the customer is on your website during the call. This enables greater personalization for callers in real-time, when they traverse from the website to the phone or use both the website and phone at the same time.

Natural Language with Deep Neural Networks (DNN)

Give customers a more conversational experience throughout the entire journey - not only at the main menu.

[24]7's natural language technology is enhanced by advanced deep neural networks (DNN) that draw from over 10 billion utterances to make speech recognition more accurate. Our natural language spans both speech and text-based interactions to provide a single intelligence layer to derive meaning from what's been said or typed. Our natural language model can be applied across IVR, mobile apps, and virtual agents to deliver a consistent customer experience and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Unified Experiences Across Channels and Devices

Break down channel walls and deliver unique experiences by blending the IVR with the web, mobile web, or chat while keeping context throughout the journey.

Data, Prediction, and Intent-driven Experiences

Combine customer data and real-time journey data to accurately predict a caller’s intent and simplify the experience. This enables [24]7 Speech to track, adaptively learn, and tailor engagement to the needs of the individual customer.

Turn up the Dial on Cost Savings

Unlike legacy IVRs where performance improvements have been a game of inches, [24]7 Speech increases self-service rates by up to 20% and reduces IVR call duration by up to 30%, saving companies millions in operating costs.

What Makes Vivid Speech a Connected IVR Experience

Omnichannel Pairings with [24]7 Speech

Visual IVR

Vivid Speech is a visual IVR solution that turns voice calls on your IVR into a multimodal speech, touch, and visual experience that dramatically improves self-service automation.

With Vivid Speech, you can transform your existing IVR into a digital self-service platform that delivers a personalized mobile web experience without the need to download a mobile application.

IVR to Chat

By natively integrating [24]7 Speech with [24]7 Chat, we’re able to transition phone calls to a chat on a mobile device. Intelligently serve qualified IVR callers with mobile chat and serve the rest in the IVR. Learn more.

A Smarter IVR for Voice and Digital Channels

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