• Questions asked per month


  • Questions answered
    by the virtual agent


  • Average answer accuracy rate



The Disney Store's main objective was to deflect informational calls and emails for order status, shipping, returns, and other common areas of interest to its guests while maintaining the "Disney experience".


After an extensive vendor selection process, the Disney Store chose [24]7.ai's virtual agent technology to respond to questions posed by guests on the website.

The [24]7 Virtual Agent was deployed on the Disney Store's existing Guest Services page, ensuring that customers remain in a familiar space while getting more accurate and detailed responses.

The Guest Services page comes with a "Quick Help" menu sidebar that lists the more common questions asked which link to responses within the [24]7 Virtual Agent knowledge base.

The Disney Store also selected the [24]7.ai Voices analytics package to spot customer trends and identify gaps in knowledge base content.


The Disney Store's Guest Services virtual agent has quickly become a very popular tool for its guests with over 45,000 questions asked per month.

Working together with the Disney Store Guest Services and Contact Center teams, [24]7.ai analysts developed a knowledge base that answers 97% of the questions asked by guests on disneystore.com with an answer accuracy rate of 96%.

With Disney Store guests getting quick and accurate answers to their questions on disneystore.com, calls and emails into the Disney Store contact center have been reduced dramatically – a "win-win" for both Disney Store's financials as well as guest satisfaction.