[24]7 Speech

A Smarter IVR that is Integral to Digital Customer Engagement

[24]7 Speech, our cloud-based speech self-service solution has new capabilities. [24]7 Speech makes customer interactions with IVR smarter, more engaging, and completely connected to an omnichannel world. Companies can now turn the dial on existing self-service rates. With the power of prediction, conversation, and digital customer engagement increase self-service rates by up to 25% in the phone channel.

Make Engagement Smarter with Intent-driven Experiences

Accurately predict a caller's intent in real-time and take the right next action based on a comprehensive view of the customer’s behavior and journey across channels.


Create More Engaging Conversations

Natural language combines with prediction to engage your customers in conversations that are easy, contextually-aware, and outcome-oriented.

Get natural language with omnichannel DNA. Natural language models are trained and tuned using voice and chat data at scale, resulting in better performance and faster time to benefit. The unified natural language model can be applied across IVR, mobile apps and virtual assistants to deliver a consistent experience for the customer and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for companies.


Make Phone Calls a Completely Connected Experience

Deliver completely connected experiences that bridge digital pathways to and from the IVR channel while maintaining customer context throughout the journey. Customers can move from Web to IVR, combine voice with rich visual content, be offered a call back, or even move from IVR to chat on a smart phone or second screen.


Achieve Better Performance

Unlike legacy IVRs, where performance improvements have been a game of inches, [24]7 Speech provides a new runway for companies to improve IVR performance significantly. Increase self-service rates by up to 25%, raise call completion up as high as 90% and reduce IVR call duration by up to 30%.