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[24]7 Speech

Smart IVR that’s Conversational and Connected

[24]7 Speech is our speech self-service product that’s conversational, intuitive, and easily integrated with your online and mobile channels. [24]7 Speech predicts a caller’s intent by leveraging predictive analytics and big data to deliver intuitive speech experiences.

Predictive, Proactive, and Personal

[24]7 Speech creates an optimal, data-driven conversational interface that leverages predictive natural language in an omnichannel setting. Accurately predict a caller's intent, and create a personalized, simplified path to resolution. This avoids the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all experiences and successfully resolves customer issues in the voice channel.


A Better Approach to Natural Language

[24]7 Speech enables a better approach to natural language, combining open-ended speech with prediction that draws upon a customer’s omnichannel activity to create an optimal, data-driven conversational interface.


Seamless Omnichannel Experience

[24]7 Speech also provides seamless extension to other channels with both [24]7 Vivid Speech, which extends an IVR to a mobile web experience, and IVR-to-chat capabilities.